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Young women are often portrayed as sexual objects in the media, on social media, and in real life. Lost in the barrage of messages are clear values and goals for young women. My Body, My Voice workshops help girls and women discover their own values, and understand their own goals, in relationship to their bodies and their sexuality.

My Body, My Voice workshops will:

  1. Help attendees think about their bodies and their sexuality in new ways so that they can have a clear understanding of what, when, with whom, and why they engage in sexual activity. Our goal is for young women to feel they are making active and healthy choices.
  2. Improve attendees’ skills and ability to say “no” when they don’t want to engage in sexual activity and to say “yes” when they do.

My Body, My Voice workshops explore:

  • Factors that can interfere with a young woman’s ability to see herself—and her body—with a sense of agency, not as an object;
  • The role of peer pressure on sexuality, and sexual activity and ways to handle it;
  • The desire to be found attractive by others;
  • How drugs and alcohol can affect a young woman’s ability to interpret social cues, and her ability to say “yes” or “no.”
  • How to manage the realities and risks in the age of “sexting,” Twitter, and revenge porn.

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Robin S. Rosenberg, a clinical psychologist, has worked with women on issues related to body image and sexuality for many years. In addition, she writes college-level psychology textbooks and has taught psychology classes at Lesley University and Harvard University. She also writes for a general audience. For more information go to www.DrRobinRosenberg.com.

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